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New release: Plan-IT Workshop versie 5.171.8314 available


The new version of Plan-IT Werkplaats and Plan-IT Werkplaats Compact will be available from June 12th 2017.

If you have any questions about the new release, please contact our helpdesk via: or via 0478-531444

Version 5.171.8314

Changes / Additions

  • It is now possible to manage the descriptions for days off yourself. You can then dictate which descriptions they should use and only these choices should be used
  • Driver E-mail added in the replacement transport mail to the rent department
  • Only users with admin or master rights are allowed to delete receptionists
  • Mouseover function will jump to the top when the mouse moves to the bottom of the screen. As a result, the entire work order always remains legible at the mouse. Even if these are at the bottom of the planning board.
  • License screen has been adjusted so that it is clearer that the license is activated.
  • User + can now also retrieve tires from storage at the tire manager
  • Link with Plan-IT Online improved on time. It is now possible to enter multiple specialties at a technician. (In order of importance)
  • Added ability to set an export path for automatic status export. Plan-IT can export the status of the work orders for external programs.
  • Maximum number of replacement transport on the first Tab increased from 25 to 35
  • An extra function has been added to the cleanup where you can set all work orders to the status collected in the past at once. This should get you started with the overflow bar if you've never worked with the statuses before. (Otherwise the overflow bar will be completely filled with work orders that are not yet in the correct status)
  • With fixed texts for the days off, you can now also add a small piece of text yourself. This way, a little more depth can be done on the standard reason for free.
  • Added debug modes web service in system settings so that it can be investigated why what the Autoline feedback returns to Plan-IT.
  • Export_Leads program now exports the 'unhandled leads' from the past month
  • Mechanics bar can now also be started with the location number of Plan-IT (if a location is divided into several Plan-IT locations, this is necessary)


  • Autoline_statusen logging function always gave a status update. Even if it shouldn't have happened. Due to this fix, the logging of the statuses does not fill up so quickly.
  • Printout overview: the work order number field has been made slightly larger so that long work order numbers are also visible on the printout.
  • User + can now also manage replacement transport
  • VPS in combination with Plan-IT Online on Time now passes on the correct occupation to the online module with the extra technicians
  • CRM_API is now always populated when saving work order
  • All prints can now also support strange characters


  • iDas: When importing the work order, a filter is applied that filters out all strange characters so that the file meets the XML requirements.
  • Autoline: In the Autoline_Workorders.exe a parameter 7 has been added that allows to get more information from Autoline that is needed for the rental department
  • Autoline feedback PON: - Feedback Autoline PON has been slightly modified. (if it is a watchman the start time of the waiting time is passed and the end time is the length of the work order + the start time of the watchman) If it is a deadline it will be the start time of the day (8:00 am) and the deadline time entered in the work order becomes the end time in Autoline. With a time appointment, the data of the time appointment is automatically passed on to Autoline.
  • iDas, AutolineXML, Draka+, Optima21 have the option to disable the automatic processing of work orders (system setting)
  • It is possible to suppress work orders that are already in Plan-IT in the import list (system setting)
  • Autoline_YearCalendarRun.exe now has the possibility to create online blocks for the 'on time' module


  • SMS Auto ready also indicates in the logging to which 06 and license plate the SMS was sent.
  • Logging built in for Reservations. (this allows the routing of the Online module to be followed properly)
  • Logging now has the newest item at the top of the log. This runs from new to old.
  • Start date and time are logged when creating work order
  • Start date and time are logged when dragging work order
  • End time is logged when increasing or decreasing work order

SMS module

  • A new type of SMS reminder has been added. As a result, a completely different message can be sent for a time appointment if the work order does not have a time appointment.
  • Waiting time is now also added to the time-bound SMS reminder.
  • Loose SMS text also communicates the waiting time
  • SMS reminder is no longer sent if the work order is set to the status present. (the car is then already present and no reminder needs to be sent)
  • SMS reminder is always updated when the work order is saved. This gives the option of adjusting waiting times afterwards. (or time appointment)

Warehouse / Tiremanager

  • It is possible to supplement data of the tires from the warehouse
  • It is possible to copy an entire warehouse (so that the layout does not have to be made again)
  • More options to create a warehouse dynamically
  • Data can be edited from the warehouse
  • When changing tires, if no tires are found (winter -> summer and summer -> winter), all fields are cleared so that new tires can be entered. If tires are found, these data are already pre-filled (DOT and profile are emptied so that they can be filled in again)
  • OK / NOK obligation (tyre manager) can be turned off in the system setting
  • Tire Manager now always shows the data for the rims, hubcaps, OK / NOK.
  • Warehouse, boxes that have been blocked manually are now shown in yellow instead of red. (so that Red are always full boxes with tires)
  • Can start Warehouse management directly from the menu
  • Ability to print all tires with a DOT older than a certain year.
  • Warehouse is behind a module. (contact us if you want to use this)
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