Plan-IT connects Stern and Hedin to Daimler's OAB


With Plan-IT, we have again been able to connect two Mercedes-Benz dealers, Stern and Hedin (Belgium), to the Online Appointment Booking (OAB) platform developed by Daimler.

Since May 2019, Plan-IT has been certified by Daimler AG to be able to connect to Daimler / Mercedes-Benz systems. This link ensures a seamless connection with the Online Appointment Booking (online appointments) developed by Daimler AG Systems, making planning even more efficient for the driver. Something to be proud of, because Plan-IT was the first in the Benelux to achieve this certification.

Since our certification, we have already been able to connect 80% of all Mercedes-Benz dealers to Daimler's OAB platform. This certification means, among other things, that we are allowed to communicate with Plan-IT with their OAB and Mercedes Me system, so that workshop appointments can be planned even more efficiently.

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